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Mošćenice, Mošćenička Draga

Appartamento - Vendita

ID codice: 13752


MOŠĆENICE, apartment in the old center with a sea view.

Charming apartment on the 2nd floor of a smaller residential house in the old center of Mošćenica, which consists of a living room, kitchen, hallway, bedroom, bathroom and staircase with a total area of ​​53 m2, and a furnished area of ​​20 m2 on the ground floor of the house, which consists of a bedroom room, hallway and bathroom, which makes a total area of ​​73 m2.

The space on the ground floor can be turned into a studio apartment with minimal investment.

The apartment has been completely renovated and furnished and has been maintained for years. All external and internal joinery was changed, and new electricity and water installations were carried out.

Excellent property close to all facilities and only 4 minutes drive from the sea.

Also suitable for investment.

For all other information, call +385/99/320-0008


  • Costi comunali: Acqua
  • Costi comunali: Elettricita'
  • Altro: Arredato
  • Altro: Vista al mare
  • Piano: Secondo
  • Altro: Tipo dell' appartamento: Nella casa
  • Costi comunali: Impianto idrico(rete urbana)
  • Descrizione dell'immobile: Sottotipo: Appartamenti in casa
  • Costi comunali: Clima
  • Permessi: Atto di proprieta'
  • Falegnameria: PVC
  • Descrizione dell'immobile: Clima
  • Descrizione dell'immobile: Condizione: Arredato e mantenuto bene
  • Permessi: Valore energetico: Certificato energetico in elaborazione
  • Trasporto: Corriera
  • Trasporto: Automobile

Vicinanza di contenuti

  • Distanza dal mare: 2500 m
  • Trasporto pubblico
Denis Dizdar
Denis Dizdar
Agente immobiliare con licenza



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